Monday, January 13, 2014

Workout after a Car Crash!

This is our workout room in our Dojang at N.A.M.A.
          We had an awesome class tonight! Only had 8 students show up but we had a strenuous workout and had a good time doing it.
         This last Saturday (1-11-14) our Chief Instructor, another student, and I were involved in a vehicle accident. No one was seriously injured, but the van I was driving to G.M. Hardin's is out of commission. Ours was the only vehicle in the crash, thank the Lord! We were driving up a hill on Highway 206 East just into Boone County and we hit a whole hillside of clear ice/frost and lost control of the vehicle which went head first into the high hill bank on the right side of the road deploying both airbags and spinning us about to face the wrong way. Whew, what a day that was. Both the ladies in the car with me were not seriously injured, they are seriously sore though, and I am unaffected from the crash (except the large chunk of change that will soon be leaving me).

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