Thursday, October 2, 2014

Living Free From Sin: Three Charges Against Us - Part 1

        Three Charges Against Us

          Last time we saw how God has justified and forgiven us, through Jesus Christ and his work of redemption by the shedding of His Blood. We learned that there are three accusers against us. God says, “all have sinned” Rom 3:23, we  say, “I have sinned” Luke 15:18, and Satan accuses us before God on the basis of our sins and in our own hearts on the basis of our guilt. For us to be brought back into the purpose of God all three accusation had to be met by the Blood of the Lord Jesus.

          God's Charge
         How does the Blood answer God's charge against us, for he proclaims that, "All have sinned" .As we said last time Jesus Christ died "once for all" and by his shed Blood we have "forgiveness of sins". Christ died as our substitute. The Blood of Jesus is first and foremost for God. It is God's righteousness that demands blood for payment of sins. If the Blood is primarily for God then it is his estimation of the value of the Blood of Jesus that matters, not ours. In essence if God says that the Blood shed by Jesus is enough then it is indeed enough, and if he says that it isn't enough then it is not enough. God' has said that the precious Blood of Jesus is enough (1 Peter 1:18-19). If the Blood is primarily for God, that also means that I must accept his assessment of the Blood's value. This means we need to understand, to a degree at least, the value that God sets on the Blood. To understand this in a way that will result in a changed life will require the working of the Holy Spirit in us to open the eyes of our hearts. This is something that requires a divine revelation to us. That being said we find two examples in the Old Testament that will shed a great deal of light on the working of the Blood. 
         The Day of Atonement described in Leviticus 16 is the first example. The Blood was taken by the High Priest to the Most Holy Place and sprinkled seven times before the Lord. The Blood wasn't sprinkled before the people to see in the courts where the animal was slain, no that was not the atonement. The sprinkling took place before only the high priest, which is a picture of the Lord Jesus, and God behind a veil. The Blood was for God. 
      The second example takes place before the day of Atonement was instituted. Exodus 12:13 details for us the shedding of the Blood of the passover lamb when the Jewish people were still in Egypt. The Blood was placed on the door posts, not for the people to see for they were inside the houses, but for God to see. He said, "And when I see the blood, I will pass over you". God declares the precious Blood sufficient.

        Before we are redeemed our consciences are dead and so we are untroubled by them. When we believe our consciences are awakened to new life and become sensitive to sin and guilt. We cry out, " Oh, how great is my sin God"! With this new sense of sin and guilt we can lose sight of the true effectiveness of the Blood. A specific sin may trouble us repeatedly to the point where to us our sins loom larger than the Blood of Christ. Now we have a problem before us. God has said that the Blood of Christ is sufficient, but to us our sin is larger than the working of his Blood. This problem comes about because we are trying to feel and sense the value and to estimate ourselves what the Blood is for us. But this is all wrong. The Blood is for God not us. It is not our estimate of the value of Christ's Blood that matters, but it is God's valuation of the Blood that counts.We must accept his set value of it. When we try to determine for ourselves the value of the Blood we come up with nothing. This is a matter of faith in God's Word. We have to believe that it is precious to God because he has declared that it is (1 Peter 1:18-19). If God has found the Blood acceptable as the payment for sin and the price of redemption then we can rest knowing the debt is paid. It is only from God's valuation and no other source that we must derive our valuation of the Blood. Remember that God is holy and righteous. As Mr. Nee said, "A holy and righteous God has the right to say the Blood is acceptable in his eyes and has fully satisfied him". The Blood of Christ has fully answered God's own charge against us that "all have sinned".

        Next time, hopefully tomorrow, we will see how the Blood answers our charge against ourselves, "I have sinned" and if time permits we will finish up the section on the three charges against us with Satan's charges against us. I hope that the Holy Spirit works in all our hearts, so that we may have a greater understanding of this fact and know it for ourselves to be truth. Let us take by simple faith that the Word of the Lord is truth.

Until next time rest knowing that the debt is paid in full. How great are the works of God!

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