Friday, November 7, 2014

Living Free From Sin: Four Conditions

         Well, it has been a hectic week. I have not had as much time this week as I would like to prepare for our upcoming posts, but it is time to get started. Here is an introduction to our next section. 

Four Conditions

         When we were in Adam the things of Adam came naturally and easily to us. We did not need to consciously decide to lose our temper or commit another sin. In the same way if we are in Christ the things of Christ come to us by free grace and without effort but on the grounds of faith. Even though it is true, to say that all we need is given by free grace in Christ seems unpractical. How does this work out in life? How does this become real in our experience?

        Using Romans 6-8 as our base text we will see four conditions to living a victorious Christian life:
      1. Knowing
      2. Reckoning
      3. Presenting ourselves to God
      4. Walking in the Spirit
 These conditions are ordered, meaning that they are presented in a specific order, and all four are needed to live a victorious life in Christ, or in other words, to live "The Normal Christian Life". All four steps must be taken. As we continue in the upcoming posts it is essential that we begin with prayer. We must prayerfully consider these truths and trust God for their revelation in our hearts. Until next time, dearly beloved, continue in prayer and praise to God.

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